So this is my rough itinerary. If you’re gonna be around any of these places on these dates, give me a shout!

  Weeks Days IN OUT
Miami 0 1 20-Jun-11 21-Jun-11
Honduras 8 56 21-Jun-11 16-Aug-11
Guatemala  1 7 16-Aug-11 23-Aug-11
Brazil 3 21 23-Aug-11 13-Sep-11
Argentina 3 21 13-Sep-11 04-Oct-11
Bolivia 3 18 04-Oct-11 22-Oct-11
Peru 3 18 22-Oct-11 09-Nov-11
Ecuador 2 14 09-Nov-11 23-Nov-11
Colombia 2 16 23-Nov-11 09-Dec-11
Panama 1 8 09-Dec-11 17-Dec-11
LA 0 1 17-Dec-11 18-Dec-11
Cook 1 4 18-Dec-11 22-Dec-11
NZ 5 36 22-Dec-11 27-Jan-12
Fiji 1 10 27-Jan-12 06-Feb-12
Oz 4 27 06-Feb-12 04-Mar-12
SIngapore 0 1 04-Mar-12 05-Mar-12
Philippines 3 21 05-Mar-12 26-Mar-12
Hong Kong 0 3 26-Mar-12 29-Mar-12
China 2 14 29-Mar-12 12-Apr-12
Lao 2 14 12-Apr-12 26-Apr-12
Cambodia 2 14 26-Apr-12 10-May-12
Vietnam 2 14 10-May-12 24-May-12
Thailand 3 22 24-May-12 15-Jun-12
Singapore 0 2 15-Jun-12 17-Jun-12
Dubai 0 2 17-Jun-12 19-Jun-12

PS. Check the map of my route in the footer…


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  2. mum
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:16:29

    looking forward to reading your blog Dom. mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. mum
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 08:46:21

    July 12th – great to read your blog Dom. Just off to latitude festival with Catherine today. have a look at Llangollen television website and clic on Affinity Show Choir in the choir of the world competition.
    Looking forward to your next blog – hope the footie lives up to expectations. Love from Mum xxxxxxxxx


  4. Morten
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 21:53:43

    Dom, Just finished my own round-the-world trip and thought I’d give my humble diving input:
    (Didn’t go to S America so can’t say)
    Fiji – cheap as chips and if you get away from the main islands, the sites are amazing – reef is very unspoilt. The standard of kit is a bit touch and go. At one place, my kit was state of the art, at another my regulator had a permanent leak.
    NZ – by far the best diving I did. The Poor Knights (we went from Dive Tutukaka, which was brilliant) was the best single dive I’d ever done (Blue Mao Mao Cave and Mediation Wall), the Rainbow Warrior was pretty interesting and the Mikhail Lermontov (Russian cruise liner) at the top of the South Island was my single biggest regret at not having done.
    Thailand – quite good dive sites and good chances of diving with Whale Sharks but very touristy.
    Hope you’re having and continue to have a great trip.


  5. Brizi
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 08:15:09

    Ah Dom! So enjoying your updates…it makes me want to do my trip all over again! If you fancy a little trip up to Vancouver after your LA bit, we could go snowboarding or something? Would be fun!!


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