Cambodia: hitting the beach at Sihanoukville

My last stop in Cambodia was the seaside resort of Sihanoukville on the south-west coast.   This small town had a fairly strange layout with a town-centre a couple of kms inland and then several different beaches off in different directions dotted up the coast.  The biggest development was where I stayed at Serendipity beach.  I heard of this place from a couple of travellers as the place with the cheapest accommodation going: free.  One of the hostels offered free beds during low season and a negligible $1 during high season.  Despite the temptation I decided to treat myself to my own double room in a beachside hotel instead that cost $7 a night.

After my fun in Phnom Penh on the scooter I decided to hire one again in Sihanoukville so immediately got myself a Honda Click for $4 a day and rode around the windy roads to the various beaches, just having a look around.

The following day my Filipino friends who had been following me around Cambodia showed up 😉 and I spent an evening at their hotel bar playing, and getting beat at connect-4 with their very entertaining bar-tender.

The next night we went out for a meal and found a place that had a rather interesting buffet:

Doesn’t look so bad…

But when you get close-up you soon see what they’re trying to serve you:

And a few crickets for good measure:

Although they didn’t taste bad, they didn’t taste good either.  Rather like a salty piece of edible plastic or something.  I had no desire to have any more.  I also tried another local favourite, snails, which were slimy and rank.

Luckily, more edible delicious Cambodian options were available which we quickly got stuck into:

After the meal we hit the beach where we bought and set-off some fireworks that the locals were selling before hitting up one of the many beachside bars for a bit of dancing.

The beach at Sihanoukville, whilst not up to the standards I had experienced earlier in my trip, was pleasant enough with white sand and luke-warm water and so I spent a couple of afternoons chilling under the parasol and every now and then going for a dip to cool off.

The beach is that way! and that way!

Occidental Beach,  about a 20 minute ride over dodgy terrain from the main town:

One of the beaches more popular with the locals.  You might be able to make them out in the water, fully clothed, as is the culture in Cambodia.  I joined in a game of footy with the locals off the back of this beach which was the first footy I’d played in yonks:

One of the other spots I stumbled upon whilst cruising on my scooter was a place at which Cambodian youngsters would come to feed a troop of wild monkeys that lived in the forest, away from the road.  Whilst the ethics of this practice are a bit iffy I decided to join in and so bought some crisps to feed them.


This cheeky little rascal saw an opportunity and went for it.

And here the rest of its mates play around:


The next night I went to the Filipinos hotel for one last go at game-playing (getting beat at Jenga this time) before saying farewell to them.  I would be heading north-west to Thailand, and they east to Vietnam.  I’d had a really awesome time with them, they were four of the coolest travelling buddies you could hope to meet.


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