Leaving Utila

So the time finally came for me to tear myself away from Utila.  I had an awesome 7 weeks there, did some awesome diving, met loads of cool people and was really sad to leave.  Although it was hard to leave I knew more adventures were awaiting me in the rest of Central America and curiosity was a factor in motivating me to leave the island.

But before I get to the departure there was the last 2 weeks on the island which included my birthday and Sunjam.

After my divemaster graduation I was able to join the diveshop staff proper which meant being a representative for the diveshop, including trying to be on site between 9 and 6 (which was pretty standard for me anyway..) In return I got paid to take groups of travellers diving which was great fun and something I could definitely get used to.

When I wasn’t working I just chilled, doing one of a variety of activities: playing crib with Tammy the diveshop owner; playing volleyball; reading; sleeping in the hammock; swimming; chatting with people; researching fantasy football 2011/12; and watching united pre-season (unlucky city).  Another of my favourite past-times was jumping off the dock which is about 4/5 metres high and trying to do the most elaborate entrances.  I even learned a new flip which is called the gainer (sorry it’s sideways, tilt your head):

So entering my last week I was looking forward to a rip-roarer of a night out for my birthday but typically the day before I got ill : ( This led to one of the strangest birthdays of my life.   The first 6 hours were spent tossing and turning in a cold sweat, hallucinating due to the fever.  And right up until 6am when my alarm went off I was expecting to have another divemaster fill-in for me as I was due on the morning boat.  But when I woke up I made a decision that I wasn’t going to mope around in bed all day on my birthday so decided to jump on the boat having popped a few iboprufen.  The decision was to be a good one as I had two of the best dives I’ve had on Utila (we went to the ‘Northside’ which is a rare trip due to the distance but guaranteed great diving), seeing loads of fish and a great big turtle just chilling out.  After the first dive Captain Hoover spotted a boil which meant one thing: whale sharks.  I hadn’t seen one on Utila and it was an awesome birthday treat to swim with not one but two great big 35 foot whale sharks!  To top things off after the 2nd dive on the way back we had a pod of dolphins bouncing along next to our boat.   So evidently I was not regretting fighting the fever.

I decided I would postpone festivities for my birthday until I had recovered hopefully by the end of the week, so was just sat chilling in the bar with an orange juice when Tammy (diveshop owner) asked if I fancied giving her a hand behind the bar; so the evening of my 28th birthday was spent bar-tending for the first time in my life.

By the end of the week I had managed to recover just in time for Sunjam which is a huge electro festival that draws the best Central American DJs (Tony Rohr, Joseph Capriati, Xpansul, Loud Neighbor – I hadn’t heard of any of them either…); and travellers from the region flock to the island for the event.  Sunjam is actually held on the deserted island Water Cay (which I mentioned in this post).  Transport is provided by any islander who owns a boat and wants to earn a bit of easy cash!  It was a great way to have a send off from the island and I made sure I partied extra hard to make up for missing my birthday.

So after I had recovered from the festivities I said my goodbyes to the friends I had made on the island and left for Honduras mainland…..


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  1. Lucy Marchington
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 08:49:01

    The dive is awesome, even sideways


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